"Your sister is poop?"
— Empoleon as a Prinplup to Serperior as a Servine in Home
Prinplup's trading card
Current Home: Home
Past Home(s): None
Type: Water_Type.png / Steel_Type.png
Age: 35 years old
Personality: Hyper, very quiet though, a little on the mental side, dun mention it to her though!
Mate, Offspring, Friends, and Siblings
Mate: Swampert
Offspring: Manaphy
Friend(s): Serperior, Samurott, Bulbasaur, Emolga, Feraligatr, others
Sibling(s): None
Favorite Food: Small cupcakes and pizza
Favorite Toy: Anything, providing it is a toy and it won't hurt her
Role-player: Rainy Felton

Empoleon is a dual Water and Steel Type Pokemon, the evolved form of the Water Type Pokemon Prinplup from the Sinnoh region, and the final form of Piplup. A female Pokemon.


As a PiplupEdit

Piplup is first seen at the Playground. She is there when Snivy gets injured, and she helps heal her with medicine. She and Snivy are shown to be best friends.

She and the others head Home. Piplup rushes over to her favorite chair. Soon after, Mudkip comes in, soaking wet from the rain, and, without hesitation, asks Piplup out on a date, to which she agrees.

Later, she and Snivy prepare for the double date, as Oshawott asked Snivy to go on a date.

At the Romantic Restaurant, Jigglypuff gives the group an attitude, except for Oshawott, which makes Piplup snap at her. As the group gets ready to leave, Mudkip and Piplup take a different route Home than Oshawott and Snivy. As the two walk Home alone, Mudkip turns around and shares a kiss with Piplup.

Much later, Piplup is seen at Home when Snivy comes there from Jail. The next morning, she and a bunch of her friends go to the Playground and have fun. They return Home soon after, as they started to get disturbed by Totodile and Emolga kissing for a long time.

After Snivy and Oshawott get married, Mudkip proposes to Piplup that he wanted to marry her, and Piplup agrees joyfully. Afterwards, Piplup and Mudkip have an egg, which turns out to be an extraordinary Manaphy, as it had a gender.

Manaphy, Togepi, and Buneary are shown to be quite the lot of troublemakers, but the parents manage to get through it all. As the infants move into their teenage years, they are shown to become strippers, and Piplup is enraged by this.

As a PrinplupEdit

Piplup evolved into Prinplup during a robbery along with Mudkip, Snivy, Oshawott, and Totodile. When they return Home, they find their children on the verge of giving birth, and are very worried for them. After their children give birth to their eggs, Prinplup and the others are muttering to themselves that they were too young to become grandparents.

Prinplup is later seen pushing Servine along when she hears screaming come from Panpour's room. Simisage later comes out of his room, naked, which makes the two faint.

She is later seen among the fussing about who would change Star's diaper. She is then shown to have developed a rivalry with Zorua, and they have a double battle; Zorua and Jynx versus Prinplup and Simipour.

After the battle, when Simipour leaves the room, Zorua offers out her paw, indicating that she wanted to put this all behind them. Prinplup shakes her paw quickly and agrees quickly, too.

At the battle with Zoroark and his evil gang, she, Marshtomp, Servine, Dewott, Emolga, and Croconaw protect Pidove and Lillipup from being crushed by a Druddigon.

Prinplup is later seen calling Servine's newly evolved sister a poop. Later, the reporter man comes on, and Servine suggest they go on a journey to save the world from a malfunctioning crystal, to which everyone agrees.

As an EmpoleonEdit

Prinplup evolved into Empoleon along with Servine, Marshtomp, Dewott, and Croconaw due to the fact that they were being attacked by enraged Beartic.

Empoleon is also revealed to have a special talent for mathematics.


As a PiplupEdit




As a PrinplupEdit




As an EmpoleonEdit