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%EB%8F%84%ED%8A%B8_3%EC%97%90%EB%A9%94_190.gif Updates %EB%8F%84%ED%8A%B8_3%EC%97%90%EB%A9%94_190.gif

  • Leafu, the founder, will update the wordmark due to the facts...
    • Servine, Prinplup, Marshtomp, Dewott, and Croconaw have evolved.
    • A new user has joined, and another has left.
    • The Pokemon are too crowded together.
  • The October2012 Featured Article (FA) is late, and should be updated as soon as possible, and the November2012 Featured Article (FA) will be coming soon.
    • We need you guys to vote more! One vote can make a difference, but it's fairer to have every user decide.
  • There are lots of Pokemon pages to be made. I'll get to making my role-played Pokemon without a page in a few minutes.
  • Leafu may also update the Wiki Background, as well.

%EB%8F%84%ED%8A%B8_3%EC%97%90%EB%A9%94_258.gif News Itself %EB%8F%84%ED%8A%B8_3%EC%97%90%EB%A9%94_258.gif

  • A new user, TheMinecraftWolfStar, has joined our wiki! Be sure to welcome this user, and watch out for mistakes.
  • Icy has left, but this is pretty late, so I'm sorry, Icy. May the stars light your path.
  • Rainu is starting to get inactive again, this time due to unknown reasons. Rainu, Rainu, don't get inactive again! We need you, girl!
    • As of October 7th, she hasn't edited for 6 whole days! D8!

%EB%8F%84%ED%8A%B8_3%EC%97%90%EB%A9%94_300.gif Pages %EB%8F%84%ED%8A%B8_3%EC%97%90%EB%A9%94_300.gif

  • Everything seems to be doing well, and, as stated above, we need to start making our character pages. Other than that, we're fine; make sure to follow the rules when making your pages!

%EB%8F%84%ED%8A%B8_3%EC%97%90%EB%A9%94_175.gif End %EB%8F%84%ED%8A%B8_3%EC%97%90%EB%A9%94_175.gif

  • That's all I have to say. Make sure you read the monthly "newspaper" and catch up on all of it!
    • Don't have time to read all of this? That's okay! Stop by the Wiki Activity page and scroll down and read the brief news on the community message.
  • Thanks for reading! Stay tuned!